Tips To Help You Prepare For A Roof Installation Service

If you are having a new roof installed, you may think that the only thing you have to plan is the appointment time with the roofers and the type of new roofing material they will use on the roof. However, there are a few steps that you should take ahead of time to help ensure that installation goes as smoothly as possible and is as easy as possible for installers. Here are a few tips you should follow to help you prepare for a roof installation. 

Take the Time to Trim Back Trees and Shrubs That May Be in the Way

Prior to professionals arriving at your home for roof installation services, it is important that you take the time to trim back any trees or shrubs that may be in the way of professionals who will be attempting to climb on your roof and do work on your roof. If your tree limbs or branches hang over your roof, trimming them back can also prevent them from rubbing against your new roof when it is windy, which helps to extend the life of your roof. 

Move Outdoor Furniture Out of the Way

If you are like most people, you likely have patio furniture, a barbecue, or other items on your porch or patio. A professional roofing company will likely need to place a ladder on your patio, deck, or porch at some point in time during the installation of your new roof. Move your outdoor furniture out of the way ahead of time so they can set up the ladder without your items preventing them from placing it where it needs to go. 

Cover Any Items That You Have Stored in Your Attic With a Tarp or Drop Cloth

The ceiling in your attic is the underside of your roof. As roofers are working on the roof, dirt and dust may fall from the roof itself or from the rafters as the work causes vibrations within the space. If you are storing items in the space that may not be sealed in a plastic tote, consider placing a plastic tarp or cloth drop cloth over your items to protect them from excess dirt, dust, and debris. 

Make Plans for Small Children or Pets

The last step to preparing for roof installation services is to make plans for small children or pets. Having a new roof installed can be loud, and there can be pounding. This can be scary for pets or small children. If possible, consider having someone watch your kids or pets while the roof is being installed to prevent them from becoming stressed or scared. 

If your roof is starting to show signs that it is nearing the end of its lifespan, you may be in need of roof installation services. Contact a roofing professional today to schedule an inspection for your roof and find out if it is time to start preparing to have a new roof installed on your home.