How To Find That Leak In Your Flat Roof

Does your building have flat roofing material with a leak in it? You're likely trying to figure out where the leak is located so that you can repair the problem. Follow these tips to help you find the location of that leak.

Measure From The Damaged Area

Chances are that you noticed the roof leak due to damage on the inside of your building. You can use the location of this damage to help identify the place where the water is leaking through the roof material. Measure the location of the damaged area from a nearby side of your building, then go onto the roof with a tape measure to measure that same distance from the same side. Hopefully, the leak is within the same area of your roof and there is notable damage that you can pinpoint is causing the problem.

Even though the roof is flat, there is a slight incline in the roof so that water flows towards the gutters. You will find that the damage won't be further down the incline, but further upward. It is not a guarantee that this technique will work, but it is a first step to figure out where the problem is.

Look For Water Lines

It's possible that the flat roof will have pooling water, which is why the roofing material broke down and allowed water to flow through. You can typically spot areas like this due to water lines on your roofing material. There will likely be a circle where water levels slowly decreased, causing lines on the roofing material. Look for those circular lines and where they would point to at the center. This is a likely place where the roof is leaking.

Find Material Imperfections

A flat roof can have other imperfections that can point out where the leak is located. Start by looking for parts of the roof that are elevated slightly around the seam. Since the roof should be flat, these imperfections are a sign that water got underneath the material. The material may also have tears or visible bubbles in the material's membrane or seams that look like they are falling apart.

If you are able to pinpoint the leak, consider having a professional roofer make the repair for you. They will peel back the roofing material membrane to find water damage that could be underneath the surface, make repairs, and then create a patch to cover the damaged material. Contact a company like JC Roofing & Insulating.