Points to Keep in Mind When Considering Re-Roofing

Is your roof nearing the end of its lifespan? Perhaps your roof is in good condition because of you ensuring that it was properly maintained over the years. If so, you may wonder if it's necessary to take any action. Sometimes property owners have rooftops with minor damages but most of the roof may be intact. These homeowners may ponder whether it is a good idea to consider hiring a local re-roofing service rather than a full roof replacement.

The following points will help you to understand more about re-roofing, roof replacements, and how to know which option is right for your property.

1. You've Hired Prior Re-roofing Service

Perhaps you have already re-roofed your roof in the past. It might be wise to consider a replacement roof. This is because adding an additional roof layer on top of the original roof and last re-roof service can create a thicker, heavier roof. This may seem like a good thing. However, the thickness could interfere with securing the roofing materials. Specifically, the nails that are often used when repairing, re-roofing, or replacing a roof may not be able to penetrate securely through three layers of roofing materials. 

2. Partial Re-roofing

Some homeowners inquire about partial re-roofing services when most of their roof is intact. This is something to be wary of, and you may find some roof contractors who will not perform a partial re-roof. This is because the result can appear obvious and awkward. Opting to re-roof the entire roof surface will result in a uniform appearance, and it may also look as though you had a roof replacement since the new roof materials will be the same age and matching colors. Some roof materials may fade in color over time when exposed to the sun over a few years. Another issue with partial re-roofing is that it can cause the area that is re-roofed to be thicker than the original, intact shingles. Most homeowners find this option to be unappealing. 

A roofing company is a good resource to learn more about re-roofing and roof replacement services. They can help you to compare the services and inspect your roof to determine the best method to ensure that you have the best defense against roof damages. Certain roof damages could compromise the structural integrity of your home and potentially cause damages to the belongings inside your home if they are not addressed.