How To Build Your Dream Fireplace

If you have an existing fireplace in your home or if you just have a wall where you have always wanted to put one, then it may be time to get to work doing some planning. 

You Have An Existing Fireplace

If you do have an existing fireplace then everything will be a lot easier because all you will typically have to do is redo the mantlepiece and the insert. Before you do get to work on revamping your existing fireplace, though, have a chimney professional come out to your house and inspect the chimney to make sure that it's clean, safe, and working properly. Once you know the inside of your fireplace is in good shape then you can get to work on the fun stuff. 

One popular trend right now in fireplace inserts is to do a light brick tile in a hexagon pattern. Then, you can either use wood in your fireplace or you can get cement balls that you can burn; both of which are beautiful options. 

When it comes to updating your mantelpiece and any surrounding tile, there are tons of options to choose from including modern, traditional, and bohemian. Just make sure that you choose a tile that is safe enough to have around a fire. 

Building a Fireplace From Scratch

If you don't have an existing fireplace then this job is going to be a lot more complex. Not only will a fireplace installation company have to come to build a chimney on the exterior of your home, but they will also have to build out a fireplace into the interior of your wall. As long as your roof and the exterior of your house can handle the weight of a new fireplace and chimney, then you should be good to go. Depending on the county that you live in, you may have to get certain permits and pass inspections in order to stay compliant. Once the chimney has been installed and all of the insides are in place, then you get to have fun designing the inside of your fireplace, your mantel, and the surround. 

Having a fireplace to put stockings on and to decorate can be a fun accent piece of your home. Depending on what your contractor says, you may be able to build one from scratch or you may have to work with an existing one. To learn more, reach out to a fireplace installation company near you.