Addressing And Avoiding Foundation Problems With Your Home

A solid foundation is one of the key components in allowing your home to withstand the test of time. Unfortunately, a foundation can be compromised as a result of soil erosion, moisture damage, and improper settling of the structure. Whenever serious foundation problems arise, a basic understanding of this threat can go a long way in helping to mitigate and repair the damage it may cause.

How Can Chimney Problems Alert You To Possible Foundation Issues?

If your home has a chimney, this part of the structure can provide a warning when the foundation is suffering from certain problems. In particular, the chimney may start to detach from the rest of the house. When this occurs, it can be easy to assume that the chimney is pulling away from the rest of the home, but it could actually be the result of the house's position changing because of foundation issues. Whether this issue is being caused by the foundation being damaged or the chimney shifting positions, it will indicate a serious problem that will need to be repaired by a professional as quickly as possible.

What Is Done To Repair A Home's Foundation Problems?

It might seem like a foundation will be unable to be easily repaired once it has suffered damage. Yet, there is a range of effective repair solutions that can be used for these damages, and the specific option for your home will depend on the type of damage that is occurring. For example, a home that is suffering foundation problems due to the soil shifting position can utilize stabilization treatments that will involve injecting a binding agent into the ground to keep the soil in place. If erosion is to blame, the contractors may need to excavate soil away from the home's base so that support beams can be placed under the foundation. These beams will reinforce the foundation. In addition to these supports, the contractor may also be able to replace any soil that has washed away from beneath the foundation.

Is It Possible To Help Your Home Avoid Foundation Problems?

There are a few basic precautions that a homeowner can follow to reduce the threat of foundation problems developing. One of the main sources of foundation damage can actually stem from failing to keep the gutters maintained. When the gutters are not maintained or protected, they can allow water to flow off the roof and saturate the soil along the base of the home. This will allow it to eventually soak into the foundation and damage it.

If you think you need foundation repair, reach out to a professional.