Tips for Working with a Roofing Contractor to Re-Roof Your Home

For most people, having their house re-roofed is something they do once or twice in a lifetime. As such, you probably don't have a lot of experience or familiarity with the process of working with a roofing contractor to re-roof your home. Yes, you read that right — working with a contractor. They will indeed be doing most of the work, but there are a few things you as the homeowner will have to do, too, such as choose the roofing material and offer some input as to the placement of vents and gutter downspouts.

Thankfully, you don't have to go to roofing school to learn how to do your part. If you follow the tips presented in this article, you will be just fine.

1. Spend your time considering your options.

You should have an initial meeting with your roofer before they decide exactly what work will be done. During this meeting, they will present you with various roofing options. They may show you a few samples of different materials, discuss their pros and cons, and also talk to you about colors. You don't have to pick a material and color at this meeting. Take a week, talk to your friends, do some research, and then get back to the roofer with your decision. They can give you a more accurate estimate after they know exactly what you want.

2. Communicate well about scheduling.

Once you've picked out what you need, you will need to schedule your actual roofing project. Communicate well with your roofer about this. If certain days will not work for you, tell them that upfront. If the roof has to be done by a certain date, let them know that, too. Nailing down an exact date (or in most cases, two or three days) can be tough, but the more straightforward you are with your communication, the better.

3. Prepare for their arrival.

The final big thing you need to do is prepare for the roofing contractors' arrival. There are a few steps to take here. Let the neighbors know you're getting your home re-roofed so that they can take steps to protect their landscaping, pools, vehicles, and the like. Make sure you pick up any toys or other items in the backyard that might get in the way. Place plastic over any shrubs you want to be protected.

With the tips above, you can do a great job of working with your roofing contractor to ensure a better result. Contact services like Indy Roof Company to learn more.