Repairing A Broken Window Or Glass Door In Your Home

A broken window or glass door in your home is often repairable, but with modern insulated glass, your best option is to find a glass company that can repair the glass for you. Residential glass repair companies are not hard to find in most areas, and some of them are even willing to come to your home.

Window Repairs

A broken window is not the end of the world, but it can be very frustrating. Taking the window to a local glass shop is one option to have the repair made, but it means taking the time to disassemble the window and then cover it with plastic to keep the weather out. 

Once the glass shop has the window, they can disassemble the pane and replace the lite of glass, using the original frame for you. If the window is insulated glass, the glass shop will need to remove the air from between the glass lites (the individual glass layers), and if there was an inert gas in the space, they will refill and seal the void for you.

Some shops can make the repair and have the pane back to you the same day, allowing you to get the window put back together quickly. If you are not comfortable taking the window apart, there are some companies that offer mobile service and can come to your home and make the repair on site. 

Glass Door Repairs

A large glass door on your home that is cracked or broken is a much larger problem because even if the glass in still in place, every time you open or close the door, the damage may worsen. The simple solution is to take the door off the hinges and take it to a glass shop for repair, but glass doors can be cumbersome, especially the insulated ones. If you do not have some help to remove the door and a truck to transport it in, you may be better off calling a glass company and having them come to you.

The process of repairing the glass is not much different from placing the glass in a window, but the glass company will need to take the door apart to get the broken lite of glass out and replace it with a new one. Like the insulated windows, the door may need to have the air removed from between the lites, but the glass company will know if that is required on your door or how it was originally manufactured.