The Best Residential Roof Options

When it comes to home style and feel, the roof is one of the most important aspects of the exterior. The color and texture of the material you install will largely inform your home's overall style. For example, Spanish tiles are the most defining factor of a Spanish style home. So, if you are in the market for a new roof material, you need to think about how the new material you choose to install will affect the overall style of your home. Replacing your roof material is a big decision and one that will take a little bit of research. This article looks at 3 bold and fun roof replacement materials that could be perfect for your home.

Wood Composite

Many people love the look of wooden roof tiles and shingles. The look of wood is very desirable because it's natural and authentic. On top of this, wood is a very adaptable material. It can be used on just about any style of home. But, if you want the look of wood on your roof, you should think about composite products. Composite woods offer the style and feel of real wood but without the maintenance. They have much longer lifespans, and they cost practically nothing to maintain.

Slate Composites

Slate is another traditional roofing material that is highly desirable. Slate can look rustic or modern, depending on the exact style you install. The beauty of composite slate is that it is much lighter than natural slate. In fact, slate can be so heavy that it is not possible to even install it on long-span roofs. Slate composites are lightweight so they can be used anywhere, and they essentially look exactly like real slate.

Clay Tiles

Clay is another popular roofing material. There are many different styles and shapes of clay roofing products. Traditionally, the shape of the individual tiles creates a pattern on the roof that defines the style. For instance, mission, French, and Spanish style clay tiles all have slight differences that can make them look different once the entire roof is installed. Raw clay (reddish-orange in color) tiles look great, but there are also a number of glazed and painted options for people who want a more colorful roof.

Any of these three roofing materials could be a fun and effective upgrade to your home. You can completely change your home style with these three great materials.

To learn more about what material options are available, contact a roofer to discuss potential residential roof replacement services for your home.