What Your Roofer Wishes You Knew About Your Roof

Roofers generally work in anonymity. They only show up when there's a repair or replacement that needs to take place (which, hopefully, isn't very often), they work outside, away from your line of sight so you can't even see them.

Yet, there are a few things they want you to know about your roof — points gleaned from years of experience in their field.

1. Roofing Maintenance is Important

Your roof protects your entire home, and roofers have seen first-hand the impact that even a little bit of neglect in this area can cause on a house. Many times, basic maintenance can be performed by the homeowner without even calling a roofer in the first place; most companies like to advise them with those types of jobs since it extends the work that they've already done. While it may not be something that you think about often, scheduling yearly roofing maintenance can help catch problems before they become major issues and may even be able to stave off replacing your roof.

2. Roofers Work Hard to Earn Your Trust

When roofers show up to a job site, they understand that they're not just working on a project, they're working on someone's home. They know that they need to earn your trust before they ever set foot on your property, so legitimate roofers will go to great lengths to obtain all the licenses, credentials, and training necessary to not just complete the job, but do it as successfully as possible. That trust extends to who roofers work with, too. If a roofing company only hires subcontractors to do all of their work for them, you should ask to make sure they have the credentials necessary before coming to the job site.

3. Roofing is a Timing Game

Eventually, every roof, no matter how durable, is going to have shingles that curl and flashing that continually falls out of place. When that happens, they will most likely recommend you get it replaced — not because they want more work for themselves, but because they know it's best. Many customers shy away at a roofing quote because they think it's unnecessary (at the time), or they will try to convince the roofer to use older materials. While some might, those will fail faster, and you'll end up doing two replacements instead of just one. Roofers value the input they receive from clients, but they also depend on your trust to do the best job possible.

For further information, reach out to a local roofer.