The Home Roof Inspection Guide to Locate Damage and Repair It

The age of your roof will begin to show as it wears. Sometimes, the wear can be damage that needs to be repaired. Therefore, it is important to inspect your roof annually and after storms. 

The problems that you will want to look for include storm damage, granules wearing off, and other issues. Thorough roof inspections will help you identify these problems to have them repaired quickly. The following roof repair guide will help you with a roof inspection and getting the damage repaired:

1. Inspect the Surface for Shingle Wear

The surface of shingles can easily be worn by heavy rain and runoff. Therefore, one of the first problems that you need to look for is granules wearing off the shingles. This can be seen where the surface of the shingles is smooth. If the problem is isolated, you may only need to replace a few shingles.

2. Storm Damage on the Surface of Shingles

There are also areas where you will want to look for more serious damage. When inspecting the surface of shingles, look for common storm damage. Some of the signs of storm-damaged shingles include:

  • Pitting from hail
  • Lifted shingle tabs
  • Missing or torn shingles due to wind
  • Smooth surfaces due to granules being worn off

If there is visible storm damage on the surface of shingles, you are going to want to call for help with roof repairs.

3. Problems with Roof Leaks Needing Repairs

The roof leaks can be a major headache that requires professional help to deal with. Leaks are often due to simple problems. The damage could be caused by a nail that punctures shingles or flashing. The problem may be simple, but locating these leaks is often difficult. Therefore, you may need to contact a professional roof repair service to fix the problem and stop the leaks that are causing damage to your home.

4. Worn Roofing That Needs To Be Replaced

Sometimes, wear can be so severe that the shingles need to be replaced. You will want to look for some of the signs that the roof needs to be replaced, which include:

  • Curling shingles
  • Worn granules
  • Damage flashing and gutters
  • Problems with Constant Repairs

These are some of the different problems that could be a sign it is time for a replacement. Talk to the roofing contractor about temporary repairs to stop leaks until you can replace the roof. 

These are some of the problems that you will need to deal with when there is a problem. If you have problems with damage to your roof, contact roof repair service for help. Repairing wear and damage to your roof quickly will ensure shingles last.