Time For A New Foam Roof? How To Ensure A Problem-Free Installation

The weather has finally warmed up. There's no better time to tackle your commercial roofing maintenance. Tackling the maintenance right now gives you plenty of time to take care of any repairs your roof might need. If you find that your roof needs to be replaced, summer maintenance ensures your roof can be replaced before winter weather arrives. If you've decided to have a new foam roof installed on your commercial building, here are four tips that will help you avoid problems with the installation. 

Avoid Winter Applications

If you're going to have a foam roof installed, don't wait until winter. Winter is the worst time of the year to install a foam roof. Cold weather affects the surface temperature of your roof. The colder your roof is, the more problems you'll encounter with your foam installation. That's because foam needs a warm surface temperature for proper adhesion. If you try to install a foam roof during the winter, the seal won't be secure. Unfortunately, that means your roof will be at risk for peeling, lifting and leaking. Avoid those problems. Have your foam roof installed during the summer. 

Have Your Roof Cleaned

If you haven't had your roof cleaned in a while, take care of that right away. If you're getting a new roof on your building, you might think you can bypass the cleaning. But, that's not the case. In fact, a thorough cleaning is more important now that you're scheduled for foam roof installation. Foam can't adhere to dirty or oily surfaces. To make sure you don't need to have the foam reapplied, start with a clean surface. If your roof is coated with oils and solvents, make sure those are completely removed before the scheduled installation date. 

Take Care of Existing Leaks

If your roof is leaking right now, take care of those leaks before you have the foam installed. Any exposed insulation will need to be dry before your foam roof is installed. Repairing the leaks will avoid moisture problems once you have your new foam roof in place. 

Finish With the Right Coating

Finally, if you're going to have a foam roof installed on your commercial building, finish with the right coating. Seal coating adds an extra layer of protection to your roof. But you need to choose the right coating. If you have a flat roof, choose a silicone sealant. The silicone sealant will adhere to the surface of your flat roof and prevent ponding.

To learn more, contact a foam roofing system installation contractor.