Guide to Roof Repair for Peeling Shingles

Have you noticed peeling shingles along the edge of your roof? This is actually a common problem, especially in the springtime after snow and ice have been allowed to build up on the roof's edge and soak down under the shingles. The fact that it's common, however, does not mean it should be ignored. You should call a roofing company about this problem because, as it turns out, there is a lot they can and should do about it.

Make sure you have a good drip edge.

Drip edge is a sheet of plastic or metal that is typically placed along the edge of the roof, beneath the shingles. Occasionally, though, it gets left off — for example, when a homeowner decides to do a DIY replacement. If the shingles start peeling back and you do not have a good drip edge, you are much more likely to get roof leaks.

So if you call a roofing company about peeling shingles, one of the first things they will do is make sure you have a good, intact drip edge in place. If the drip edge is missing or damaged, your roofer will remove the edge shingles, put a drip edge in place, and then apply new shingles. This ensures that if your edge shingles ever start peeling again, there's not so much worry of damage.

Increase your attic insulation.

If your shingles are peeling, it could be because your attic is not well insulated. This causes any snow and ice to melt, and then trickle down to the roof's edge. The edge of the roof is cooler, so the water refreezes there, but in the process, it lifts up the shingles. Adding more insulation to the attic will help ensure that any snow that lands on your roof stays frozen next winter — and that will help ensure your shingles stay put.

Replace any badly damaged shingles.

Some of the shingles may simply be able to be nailed back down and secured with a little roofing cement. But if there are any that are so bent they have creases or are losing granules, your roof company will replace these ones. Depending on the age of your roof, the shingles may still be under warranty, so you may not even have to pay for the new shingles.

Peeling and lifting shingles along the roof's edge is pretty common, but it is a concern. To learn more, contact a roofing contractor near you.