After The Storm Passes, What Roof Repairs Is Your Home Going To Need?

Storms can cause a lot of damage to the roofs of homes, and having repairs completed quickly is important. Therefore, you want to know the repairs that you are going to need for your home after the storm passes. The following roof repair information will help you determine the repairs your home needs after the storm.

Worn Shingles Due to Heavy Rains—The asphalt shingles on your home are coated with an aggregate granule material. These granules make the shingles durable and protect them from wear. When your roof ages, the granules can begin to wear off the surface. This problem can be accelerated when storms bring heavy rains that wash the granule materials off the shingles. Sometimes, the problem with granules wearing off the shingles is in an isolated area, and the roofing in the area with problems will need to be replaced. If the problem is widespread, talk to the repair service about doing a complete roof replacement for your home.

Wind Damage Problems That Need Repairs—Wind damage is another problem that you may have to deal with after a storm. This damage is often severe and needs to be repaired quickly. If there are large sections of the roof with wind damage, you can install a tarp to protect your home from leaks before having the repairs done. Sometimes, this damage can be less visible. You will want to inspect your roof closely to identify the wind damage problems, which can include tears or tabs of shingles that have been lifted by the storm.

Hail Damage That Requires Timely Repairs—Another problem that you may have with roofing after a storm is hail damage. The large stones from hailstones can cause pitting in shingles that eventually leak. Hail damage will also make roofing weaker, but these issues can sometimes be difficult to spot. When inspecting the surface of roofing for signs of hail damage, you will also want to look at other areas like metal flashing and roof vents that can be dented due to hailstones. Usually, when your roof has severe problems due to hail, you will want to talk to the repair service about replacing the shingles.

The storm damage to your roof will only get worse if you do not have timely repairs done. You can contact a roofing repair service for help with storm damage to prevent these problems from getting worse as time passes.

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