4 Times You Should Hire a Roofing Contractor Instead of Working on a Roof Yourself

If you enjoy home improvement projects and doing repairs around the house, then you may tackle roof maintenance too. Replacing a missing shingle isn't too difficult, and it's something you may do as a DIY project. However, some roofing problems should be addressed by a contractor. Here are four times you may need professional roofing services.

1. There Are Problems With The Deck

If you see the deck sagging or if the deck feels soft and spongy when you're on the roof, you should have the deck checked by a contractor. If the wood is decayed, your roof is dangerous since you could fall through it if the deck gives way.

A contractor can cut away the decayed portion and replace it, and then put new shingles on so your roof is in good shape again. You might need a contractor to do this work to comply with local codes and to maintain your roof warranty.

2. You Want To Improve Attic Ventilation

If you think your roof is showing signs of overheating, call a roofer to check the ventilation in your attic. A roofer can calculate how much ventilation you need based on the square footage of your attic. Then, they can decide on the best way to add vents to your roof. The roofer may decide to install a turbine vent on top of your roof or put in soffit vents.

3. You Need Repairs on a Steep Roof

If you have a single-story home with a low-slope roof, then you may feel safe climbing on the roof and walking around to do minor repairs. Climbing on a roof is always dangerous, but if you have a multi-level home or if your house has a steep roof, the danger may be too great to tackle DIY roofing repairs.

A roofer uses safety equipment when working on steep roofs or roofs high off the ground so they are protected if they trip and fall. Leave all roofing repairs to professionals when your roof is too dangerous to climb on yourself.

4. Your Home Needs a New Roof

Replacing a few missing shingles might be an easy project, but putting on an entire roof could be more than you want to attempt, even if you think you have the skills to do the work. Local codes may require the work be done by a licensed contractor, but if the codes allow you to put a new roof on your home yourself, you'll have to comply with the same codes as a professional roofer.

You may find that it's better to use professional roofing services when you need a new roof and let the contractor deal with permits and code inspections. Contact a few local companies to learn more about your options.