Three Signs Your Roof Needs Immediate Repair

Roof repairs should always be taken care of quickly to avoid as much damage as possible, but symptoms of a damaged roof aren't always clear. Keeping an eye out for moss growth on your roof, stains inside your house, and the structure of your roof will help you catch problems early and get your roof fixed right when it needs it.

Moss Growing on Shingles

While moss might seem like it's only an aesthetic inconvenience, it can actually pose a serious threat to the integrity of your roof.

First, moss absorbs and holds moisture rather than letting it slip off your roof, which undermines your roof's ability to keep water out. Holding in moisture can start to cause water damage, especially as the moisture gets under your shingles, and it can also start to cause mold growth if it gets serious.

Second, moss has a root-like system called a rhizoid, which serves the same basic function as most plant roots. As moss continues to grow, these rhizoids will grow under your shingles and push them up, not only causing physical damage but reducing the effectiveness of your roof's waterproof seal.

If you see moss growing on your roof, it needs to be removed immediately. Call a professional to have your roof examined and fixed if necessary, and the moss removed. If this becomes a common problem, you can help prevent future moss growth by having zinc strips installed. When it rains, zinc is released onto your roof and kills anything that might start growing there.

Stains in Interior Walls or Ceiling

Stains that appear on the inside of your house, especially high up on your walls or on your ceiling, can be indicative of a water leak somewhere in your house. Stains higher up usually indicate a problem with your roof, as plumbing doesn't typically run through your home's attic. Water leaking in from your roof will drip down into your attic and start to cause water damage, but this isn't always noticeable until your ceiling itself starts to stain.

Look for darker patches on your ceiling and walls, then take a look in your attic above where the stains are if you're able to reach it safely. Look for signs of water damage there, such as staining and mold, as well as on the roof itself. Roof leaks can happen because of damaged or aging roof materials or simply the flashing underneath; regardless, a leak in your roof can cause damage quickly, especially during wet weather, so contact a professional immediately for an inspection.

Visible Sagging

Roof sagging is generally a result of a structural problem with your roof. These problems can be caused and exacerbated by heavy weights, like a heavy snow or a second layer of shingles. If you've recently installed a new roof and are now noticing the problem, it could be that the new materials are heavier and that the existing roof structure isn't strong enough to properly support it.

Your roof structure can also weaken as a result of prolonged water damage, where constant moisture can cause wood to rot. If constant moisture is a problem in your attic, you may need to have your ventilation inspected while your roof is getting repaired to make sure that there is adequate ventilation to prevent a buildup of moisture.

For more information, contact a roof repair service in your area today.