Residential Roofing and Options for Durable Replacements That Last

If you have to replace asphalt shingles on your home and are looking for a change, there are alternatives to asphalt for residential roofing. The roofing can be upgraded, and improvements can be made to reduce wear and ensure your replacement lasts. The following information will help give you a long-lasting roof when you replace worn shingles:

Underlayment and roof structure improvements—The existing roof needs to be inspected before you can even begin the replacement of old shingles. The underlayment and the design of the roof structure can be improved while replacing shingles. Some of the structure and underlayment improvements to ask about for your home include:

  • Changing the roof design to reduce wear
  • Upgrading the plywood decking with efficient materials
  • Adding rubber flashing reinforcement to vulnerable areas
  • Using modern synthetic alternatives to asphalt felt paper

These improvements to the roof structure and moisture barrier underlayment can ensure the new materials on your roof will last for many years to come. Evaluate the design of your roof before tearing off old shingles to plan where you want to invest in these improvements when replacing old shingles.

Choosing the right shingles or asphalt alternatives—Asphalt shingles can be very affordable, but they are also vulnerable to wear and other problems. Therefore, you want to make sure that your asphalt shingles are more durable or consider alternatives when replacing your roof. Some of the options for a longer-lasting roof replacement for your home include:

  • Architectural shingles with a textured appearance
  • Metal roofing with standing seams and stamped shingle systems
  • Synthetic alternatives to asphalt shingles, tiles, and other roofing products

These are roofing materials that are more durable to consider when replacing your old asphalt shingles. These materials will help you improve your roof's design, appearance, and durability to ensure it lasts.

Improvements with a roof replacement to reduce wear—Some problems can cause your roofing to wear as it gets older. Make sure that the roof has the right improvements to reduce wear. Some improvements you may want to ask about can be reinforced underlayment, better flashing, and an ice barrier system with shingles and other roofing materials. Ask about adding features like gutters with gutter guards and pest deterrent systems to reduce wear and protect your roof from damage as well.

These are solutions to ensure your investment in a roof replacement lasts for years to come. Contact a residential roofing service to ask them about these improvements for your roof to ensure it lasts for years after it has been replaced.