Roof Repairs After Winter Storms Cause Damage To Your Home

As the weather gets colder, you are probably thinking less about storm damage and leaks on your roof. Even though the threat of rain is lessened, winter storms can also cause damage to your roof that may need to be repaired too. Some of the winter damage is caused by heavy loads, ice, and winds. The following roof problems could affect your home after a winter storm:

Structural damage due to snow loads—One of the biggest problems during winter storms is snow loads, which can cause serious structural damage. Problems with snow loads can be avoided by cleaning heavy snowfall off your roof after winter storms. If you think the heavy snowfall may have caused structural damage to your home, you will want to call a roof repair service for help with the repairs that need to be done. You can also talk to the roofer about improving roof bracing and reinforcing your roof to make it less vulnerable to structural damage from heavy snowfall.

Snow and ice problems that cause wear—Sometimes, roof damage problems after winter storms happen gradually. The snow melts and forms ice, which can lead to granules wearing off the surface of shingles. In some areas of the roof, like valleys, your roof is more vulnerable to this type of wear and damage. As the ice flows down the roof slope, it can cause serious damage that will need to be repaired.

Wind damage that can lead to leaks after storms—Wind is another issue that can cause serious damage to your shingles during storms. Arctic storms often bring winds with them, and you may not notice damage if there is little or no snow. Inspect your roof after winter storms that bring high winds to ensure there is no severe wind damage to shingles.

Damage due to ice, snow, and sleet that needs to be repaired—The ice, snow, and sleet that often come with winter storms can also cause serious damage. The problem is often due to the pitting that large ice crystals and sleet cause. This damage is similar to the damage that is caused by hail during summer thunderstorms. If there is visible pitting on the surface of shingles or other materials, you are going to need to have roof repairs done.

These are some of the winter roof repairs that your home may need after storms cause damage. Call a roof repair service for help dealing with these problems after winter storms.