Residential Roof Replacement With Modern Synthetic Tile Materials

When you need to replace your roofing, there are a lot of choices of materials. One of these options is synthetic tiles. This roofing material is often made from recycled waste, which is a green choice since it is eco-friendly. The following roof replacement information will help you determine whether synthetic roof tiles will be a good choice for you.

Preparing the Roof Structure For Synthetic Tile

Just like with real tile materials, synthetic tiles require some adjustment to your roof. However, the improvements to the roof structure for synthetic tile are a little different. The following structural improvements will need to be done for synthetic tile roofing:

  • Reinforcing main roof ridges and valleys
  • Making sure support carries to the foundation
  • Upgrading roof bracing with heavier timbers

The main improvement that needs to be done is adding reinforcements to the roof bracing. Otherwise, the roofers won't be able to install the tiles.

Installing Underlayment For Synthetic Tile

There is also underlayment that you will want to consider for the synthetic tiles. Today, there are several options that can be installed. Some of the options to use for underlayment with synthetic tile roofing include:

  • Conventional asphalt felt paper
  • Synthetic moisture barriers
  • Rubber membrane underlayment

Rubber membrane underlayment is best for areas where the roof is vulnerable to leaks and wear.

Choosing and Installing Synthetic Tiles

Like with other tile roofing materials, there are many choices for your new roofing color and style. Some of the options for colors and styles include:

  • Reds for a natural clay tile look
  • Dark grays and flat tiles for a slate roof look
  • Other colors and styles for a unique custom design

This is a great opportunity to change the look of your home when replacing plain asphalt shingles. If you are unsure which colors and styles will give your home the look you are going for, consult with a local roofer.

The Finishing Details for a Synthetic Tile Roof

The finishing details for your tile roof are also important. Different areas need special materials to finish the tile installation. These areas include the ridges and areas with flashing. These finishing touches can be done with special tile materials, or you can add details to your roof with options like custom metalwork.

These are options to replace your roof with synthetic tiles. Call a roof replacement service to discuss these synthetic tile options for your home, or for more information about residential roof replacement.