Don’t Save Roof Cleaning For Spring

While a lot of people think about saving their home cleaning and maintenance for spring, there is no time like the present to clean your roof. Roof cleaning is a great way to keep your home safe and clean, and a professional roofer can also provide a thorough inspection for you.

Are you ready to clean your roof? These are some of the steps involved in cleaning your roof.

Cutting Away Tree Limbs

Tree limbs are a frequent source of damage for roofs. They scrape shingles and tiles, often leaving holes and scrapes in the roof. Roofing professionals will take the time to trim away the limbs and check for potential damage and risks posed by these limbs.

Clearing Away Debris

Cleaning also involves clearing away leaves and pine needles. These items hold moisture, and they can press moisture into the roof. Removing this debris is important to prevent the roof from being exposed to moisture that leads to mold and mildew in addition to severe roof damage.

Eliminate Moss

Moss is incredibly damaging for your roof. When your roof does not have exposure to sunlight, moss can develop. Not only will your roofing professional clean the moss from your roof, but the professional will also do their best to prevent moss from growing again in the future.

Prevent Mold

Mold and other growths can grow on your roof if you are not careful. Mold can actually grow into your home, leaving you with potentially hazardous conditions in your home. When the roof is the source of the mold, a professional can help relieve this risk.

Check for Gutter Damage

Gutter damage and other issues with your gutter can lead to problems for your roof. Clogged gutters can cause your roof to cave-in or experience severe leaks. Gutters may need to be cleaned just like your roof does, especially if you have a lot of leaves and brush nearby.

Missing Pieces

Your roof may have missing pieces, including parts of the flashing and shingles. Your roofing professional will take a look at the potential pieces that are missing and may need to be put back in place.

Speak With Residential Roofing Professionals

A roofing professional can help you eliminate sources of debris on your roof. Do not wait for spring to clean up your roof and ensure that your roof is clean and structurally sound in the coming months. Call a residential roofing service to schedule your service.