Options For Decorative Roofing When Replacing Old Shingles

When you get ready to replace your roofing, you may be considering installing more attractive materials. There are several options for decorative roofing that can be installed on your home. Some of these decorative roofing materials include metal tiles and shingles. The following information will help you choose decorative roofing materials to be installed on your home:

Decorative Composite Shingles

One option to consider for a decorative roof design is composite shingles. Today, there are options for shingles that have more attractive profiles. Some of the options for decorative shingles include:

  • Profiles that resemble shakes (3D or architectural shingles)
  • Scale-style composite shingles
  • Diamond-cut composite shingles

The composite shingles will be the most affordable option to install decorative roofing on your home. These composite materials will give your new roof design a more attractive profile than plain single-tab shingles.

Attractive Metal Roofing Solutions

Several metal roofing solutions can provide you with an efficient roof design. Some of the decorative metal roofing options you may want to consider include:

  • Custom standing seam roofing
  • Decorative metal roofing tiles
  • Metal roofing panels with decorative profiles

These are some of the decorative metal roofing options that you may want to consider for your home.

Custom Shake Roofing with Decorative Designs

Wood shakes can be another great choice for decorative roof designs. These materials can be handcrafted and installed to create an artisan look for your home. There are several options for decorative wood roofing, including:

  • Wood shingles with decorative cuts
  • Custom-formed shakes with tile-like curves
  • Custom installations with patterns and designs

There are many different ways that wood roofing can be milled and shaped to create a decorative roof design. Ask about some of these solutions when choosing roofing materials to replace old shingles.

Decorative Roof Tiles for an Attractive Roof Replacement

The last option that you may want to consider is decorative roof tiles. These come in a variety of different styles and colors. Some of the options  that you will want to consider for decorative roof tiles include:

  • Attractive shapes and forms for tiles
  • Custom colors for tile roofing
  • Contrasting moldings and edges for roof tiles

The decorative roof tiles are a durable and long-lasting material to have installed. They look great and will cost very little to maintain.

Decorative roofing can be a great solution to add an attractive roof design to your home when replacing your asphalt shingles. Contact a residential roofing contractor and ask about some of these options.