It Might Not Be The Shingles: Other Repairs Your Roofer May Recommend

When you call a roof repair company because you have a leak or some other issue, you generally expect them to tell you that you need some shingles replaced. And often, this is the repair they'll suggest. But sometimes, it's not. Your roof is made from more than just shingles, and sometimes, it's one of the other components that are to blame for the problems. Here are some repairs, other than shingle replacement, that a roofing repair service may recommend.

Nail Replacement

Sometimes, especially in temperate climates, changes in temperature and humidity can cause nails to pop out of the roof. Little leaks may then form around the nails. Your roofer may recommend removing the popped nails, filling in the holes, and inserting new nails, which they'll bury in tar or cement to keep from popping.

Flashing Replacement

Flashing is the metal placed around penetrations, such as vents. It's common for flashing to start peeling or coming away from the roof, leading to leaks. If your roofer tells you that you need your flashing replaced, this means they will peel back the metal and put new metal in its place. This can not only stop your current leaks but can also help protect the wood underneath your shingles from rot, which is a very expensive problem to fix.

Sheathing Replacement or Repair

The sheathing is the wood underneath your shingles. You really do not want to hear that your sheathing needs to be replaced, because this is a big and time-consuming project. However, it's not a project you can look past. Damaged sheathing is at risk for caving in, so if your roofer says they need to tear off your shingles, remove the replace some of the wood, and then re-shingle a section, you'd best heed their advice.

Vent Replacement or Repair

Sometimes leaks occur around vents because the vents were not properly caulked in, or because the weather has damaged the caulk. This can lead to leaks. Luckily, most vent issues are easy to repair. Your roofer may just need to add some caulk around the vent, or they may need to replace the vent, which can be a small project. 

Don't be surprised if your roofer tells you that the problem is not your shingles, but is instead one of these other things. All parts of your roof need to be in good repair to work together and protect your home.