Things You Can Do For A Roof Leak Before A Commercial Roof Contractor Comes Out

Your commercial roof may leak at some point. This is a frightening thing to experience for the first time, but commercial roof contractors can fix these leaks effectively. You'll just want to do these things before this professional comes out with repair materials and tools.

Put a Bucket Near Leak

If the roof leak is very severe and your commercial property actually has water coming in during a rainstorm, then you'll want to do something about this water rather than just letting it get all over your floors and cause water damage.

All you really need are some buckets. Get a couple and place one directly under the area where water is coming in from. Then when one bucket fills up, you can swap it out with a new one. You may only have to do this several times before a commercial roofer comes out. 

Document Possible Roof Damage

You don't have to know everything about commercial roofs to know where damage is present on your property. If your roof has been leaking, you can analyze relevant structures and find out where the problem area is. 

You can then tell the commercial roofer what you've found before they come out with their own inspection and repair. What you tell them can give them a better idea of what things to bring out, whether it's sealants or extra roof materials. At the very least, it will let the commercial roofer understand how severe this leak is, and then they'll know how quickly they need to respond to it. 

Place a Tarp Over Damaged Structures

If you do identify some damaged structures around your commercial roof, you probably don't want to just leave them exposed. Water could get through if it rains and then more severe water damage can take place.

Whereas if you place a tarp over the damaged structures, at least there will be some water barrier to keep surrounding structures safe until a commercial roofer is able to fix the leak. You just need to find a tarp large enough to cover the damaged portions and also secure it properly with fasteners. 

Commercial roof leaks — although unwanted — don't have to put too much stress in your workday. You can carry out several steps while waiting for a commercial roofer to show up. Just take advantage of the right protocol and then hire a skilled roofing contractor to minimize the effects of this leak or leaks. Contact a commercial roof contractor for more information.