Select The Best Residential Roofing Type For Your Home

Your area's climate will determine the appropriate residential roofing that is compatible with your house. Initially, most houses used a narrow range of materials for their residential roofing needs. However, technological advancements have brought significant changes across all industries, including the construction sector. The residential roofing solution you opt for has an essential role in your home's aesthetic appeal and durability. Here, we review some common residential roofing types that you should consider for your home. 

Residential Roofing Tiles

Modern roofing tiles are made from concrete and come in many shapes and styles. Some roofing tiles may be curved, flat, or interlocked to meet different clients' needs. They are also environmentally friendly because they can be recycled upon damage. Roofing tiles are durable and can withstand all elements of the weather. Thus, homeowners may consider residential roofing tiles for their homes regardless of their states' climate. However, whereas residential roofing tiles are compatible with all climates, they are most suitable for hot weather because of their cooling effect.

On the other hand, tile roofs are the most expensive residential roofing solutions. They are also heavy compared to other types, requiring strong support structures. However, they offer the best aesthetic appeal and protection against the elements of the weather when correctly installed. Thus, your contracted residential roofing company should ensure that the framing is properly done to support the tile roof.

Asphalt Shingles

If you are on a budget, consider asphalt shingles as the most appropriate residential roofing solution for your home. Other than being affordable, they are aesthetically pleasing and durable. Asphalt shingles are easy to install and environmentally friendly. They have improved over the years and now have a better lifespan than before. Residential roofing companies take a shorter time installing asphalt shingles than other roofing alternatives.

Metal Roofs

Depending on the material, metal roofs may last as long as tiles. They are an affordable alternative to asphalt shingles for homeowners seeking cost-friendly residential roofing solutions. When properly installed, they are durable and do not need frequent maintenance, which makes them more affordable in the long term.

Residential Roofing Types and Noise

All homeowners aim for calm surroundings. Thus, they should select residential roofing solutions that complement their regions. For example, some homeowners may prefer tiles to metal roofs, especially when living in areas with heavy rain. Moreover, such homeowners' decisions may be based on different roofs' leaking resistance. In contrast, people living in hot areas may prioritize asphalt shingles as an affordable alternative to residential roofing tiles.