3 Things To Talk To A Siding Contractor About

Getting new siding on your house will make it look better, can protect your house better, and can even help insulate your house better, depending on what kind of siding you use. If you are going to get new siding, then you want to make sure that you spend some time talking to a siding contractor before you make a final decision as to what kind of siding you want. 


One thing that you need to check with the contractor about is how easy the siding is to maintain. Maintaining the siding would include things like washing it off, staining or painting it, and any other normal tasks similar to that. Part of maintenance also means going through and checking to see if there is any damage to your siding occasionally. 


Once you know how much maintenance you are going to have to do on your new siding, you should also ask about how easy it is to repair. Repairability and maintenance are different. Maintenace is all the stuff that you do on a regular basis just to make sure that nothing is broken. Repairability means fixing any problems that have popped out, like missing or broken pieces of the siding. You want to know how much work it will take to repair any damage. That means how much time it is going to take to fix the problem as well as how much of the siding is going to need to be replaced in order to fix the problem. For example, for some kinds of siding, like cedar shakes, you might only need to remove and replace a small section. Other types of siding may need to have large sections of the siding replaced to fix the damage. 


You may also want to check with the contractor about how environmentally friendly the siding is. If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, you want to make sure that as many materials on your house are environmentally friendly as possible. Check with the contractor about which siding might be made out of recycled materials and what the percentage of recycled material might be. Some types of siding are going to be more environmentally friendly to begin with, but if they are made with a lot of recycled materials, the siding will be even more ecofriendly. 

If you are going to get new siding for your house, you want to make sure that you are choosing the right siding. Talk to the contractor to see what will work best for your house.