Why Copper Roofing Is An Exceptional Choice When Building A New Home

Building a home can be an exciting opportunity, but it also requires a lot of decision-making. Besides the design, color scheme, the type of windows and doors to install, etc., you also need to consider the roofing system. Metal roofs are generally a good roofing choice that offers different styling options. A copper roof, for instance, is a classic choice that can last many years with proper care.

To learn more about this roofing option, read its benefits below.

They Are Versatile

Copper roofs are versatile in that, in addition to installing this material on your new home, you can also use it in other areas of your house. This is because copper can be bent into different shapes and, therefore, can be used on your front porch, the gutters, or as flashing for a cedar shake or slate roof. However, an important point to note is that, like other metals, copper experiences thermal expansion, so you should get an experienced local roofer to do the installations while accounting for this feature to avoid problems in the future.

They Are Resistant

Copper roofs are resistant to several elements, the first being weather conditions. While your roof will likely turn a greenish-blue shade at first when exposed to humid climates, this is quite normal. These roofs are also non-flammable, thus helping protect your home in case of a fire. In addition, copper surfaces are not conducive to biological growth, so there is no chance for mildew or mold to grow and compromise the roof. Moreover, copper roofing only requires minimal maintenance to stay effective and beautiful, serving for many decades without needing replacement.

They Are Light

When picking a roof, you consider features such as color, material, cost, and longevity. However, these may not matter if you do not also consider the supporting building. For example, a roof that is too heavy for your structure may end up caving in. Yet, this is not a worrisome factor with copper roofing because it is lightweight. Thus, you save money on potential repairs and maintenance for your house's structure.

Copper roofing is a worthy investment to help boost your home's curb appeal. With its durability and resistance features, you are unlikely to need a replacement in a long time. Be sure to partner with a copper roofing expert to facilitate expert installation and maintenance, consequently averting future problems.

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