Reasons Your Roof Is Leaking And The Kind Of Repairs Required

Dealing with a leaking roof is stressful, and the aftermath can be quite expensive if ignored. Therefore, you should act fast by contacting a roofing contractor for a permanent solution. Similarly, it is important to learn what could be causing the leaks and what to do. There is no particular cause for leaks, so the repair methods used vary from one situation to another, as seen below. 

The Nails Were Improperly Driven By An Inexperienced Person 

Roofing shingles are normally affixed to the roof using nails. However, problems may sprout later if the nailing is not properly done. For example, the nails may not be deep as they should or end up crooked. In both cases, the nails may come out with time, leaving space for rainwater to seep. A roofing contractor can fix this by lifting the shingles and re-doing the nailing. Additionally, it would help if you invest in an ice and water guard for the sensitive areas of your roof. Finally, the spaces left by the nail will be covered using a sealant. 

The Gutters Have Debris

Over time your gutters will collect all the debris that falls on your roof. When the filth is not removed, it will cause clogging, so there will be nowhere for rainwater to go. Instead, your roof may start leaking along where the fascia is located. If the flashing is not there or is in poor condition, your roof will soon start to leak. To address this issue, the roofer will first have to loosen the gutters to allow the installation of the flashing pieces. 

The Boot Is Damaged

The boot is part of the flashing meant to protect your roof from leaks. They are available in different materials, and unfortunately, the most affected are those made of synthetic rubber or neoprene materials. This is because they do not thrive well in sunny conditions. As a result, the boot will crack open, allowing water to pass through. The repair solution for this problem involves patching the area with collars or sleeves to encase the flange.

Poorly DIY Installed Skylight

The skylight is another common source of roof leaks when the components around them develop issues. This mostly happens due to poor DIY installations where the installer fails to follow the proper guidelines. Therefore, you will need a roofer to come and rectify the error by peeling the cladding and veneer covering to install a shield against water and ice to reattach the flashing. 

Please take note of all the above causes of roof leaks and ensure you have a roofer that can fix the problem as soon as they arise. As you may have noted, it is best to leave everything to a roofing contractor to avoid worsening the situation. 

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