Signs Your Slate Roof Maintenance Is Overdue

Once you buy and install your slate roof, you expect it to last several decades, depending on your installation. After all, slate is known for its durability, which offers value for your money. While this roofing material is ideal for most homes, it requires effective maintenance to last longer. That said, many homeowners don't know the key signs that their slate roof is due for service. Here are some common signs you need to look out for.

Water Stains

When the surface of the slate tiles disintegrates, you may notice water stains on the house siding or other parts. The pigments are usually rusty or brown, which creates an eyesore in your house. Such a problem will need to be fixed right away, particularly if you intend to fetch a better deal when selling the property. Consider calling a slate roof maintenance pro at least once a year. The professional will look for stains on the slate tiles and other parts of the roofing system, like roof timbers. If there are water blemishes, you will require roof repairs right away.

Hairline Cracks

When you see stains on the slate tiles, they may be cracking, or the material is thinning. This may lead to water infiltration. While slate tiles can last long, some tiles may age prematurely, causing cracks, especially after a prolonged rainstorm or one hailstorm incident. Since hairline cracks aren't a common slate roofing issue, it might be challenging to spot the problem. Besides, the cracks are usually small, making the task even more challenging. Roofers are more accustomed to this task and can spot hairline cracks and fix them before they cause water damage.

Organic Life on the Slates

Since your slate roofing is exposed to elements at all times, different kinds of debris may accumulate on the tiles. Over time, you may start seeing moss or other forms of organic life on the roofing. This occurs when the organic debris decomposes on the tile surface, creating a conducive environment for moss. This problem can spread throughout the roofing and weaken the slates. So, if you see any organic life in the roof tiles, do not hesitate to call an expert to clear them. Most roofers offer roof cleaning services and use the best technique to avoid damaging the roof. For instance, they may use a pressure washer to clear the debris, mold, and lamination flakes on the top. However, this method may not be suitable if the slates are too old.

Maintaining the slate roof will extend the life of the tiles and ensure you get maximum protection against elements. So make sure you call a roof repair company—such as Supreme Roofing LLC—when you notice these signs.