4 Ways Metal Roofing Can Help Your Company Go Green

Choosing the right roof for your new or existing commercial building is essential for two main reasons. Firstly, your chosen roof will serve as the establishment's primary defense against harsh outside elements like extreme temperatures, rain, snow, ice, hail, debris-laden wind, and more. Secondly, it will impact the property's overall appearance, contributing immensely to its curb appeal. 

If you want a roof that can help boost your company's effort to minimize its negative impact on the environment, metal roofing can be an excellent choice. Read below to learn the various environmental benefits of this type of roof.

1. Metal Roofing Lasts Long

One of the key attributes of metal roofs is their durable performance. Metal is a high-strength roofing material that resists pests, fire, and the harshest weather conditions. It does not rot like wood or crack like shingles and tiles.

When installed and maintained correctly, a metal roof will serve you well for many decades, delaying the need for its replacement and reducing the demand for new roofing materials.

2. Metal Roofing Requires Little Maintenance

If you want to keep your ecological footprint as low as possible, it pays to invest in a low-maintenance roof. A roof that has low maintenance requirements reduces the need to use roof care products that may contain potentially harmful ingredients, like VOCs.

Exposure to VOCs can have adverse health implications on the environment by contributing to the depletion of planet Earth's ozone layer.

3. Metal Roofing Is Recyclable

When metal roofs get torn off after reaching the end of their service life, they do not end up in landfills. Because metal is fully recyclable, end-of-life metal roofs are often sent to designated facilities for recycling. In this way, landfill waste is reduced and old metal is processed into recycled content to produce new products.

In some cases, the metal roof you buy may contain recycled content, further boosting your effort to go green.

4. Metal Roofing Can Reduce Your Cooling Load

Cool metal roofs – metal roofs with high solar reflectivity and heat emissivity – can significantly reduce interior cooling costs by deflecting solar heat away from your commercial building. The more unwanted solar heat your roof deflects from the building, the cooler the interior environment will be, saving energy and money on air conditioning operations.

A metal roof can be a great option for minimizing the negative impact of your company's operations on the environment, but not all metal roofs are created equal. Contact a commercial metal roofing service, such as NTO Roofing, to learn more about your options.