Upgrading Your Home’s Roof And Electrical System With Solar Shingles

If you are wanting to take advantage of the benefits of solar power, there are several types of systems that you will be able to choose from. While individuals may generally be the most familiar with large solar panels, there are solar roofing shingles that can also be an effective solution for homes.

Solar Shingles Can Provide More Effective Energy Output

One of the most important benefits of choosing to use solar roofing shingles over traditional panels is that they may offer more effective energy output. Due to the smaller size of these shingles, they can more efficiently cover the roof. As a result, a homeowner may have more surface area on their roof producing solar power. In contrast, larger solar panels may lose space due to the frame that is installed as well as the need to properly space these panels to minimize overlapping shadows.

Installing Solar Shingles Can Be Relatively Discrete

A common reason that a person may not consider using solar shingles for their roof can be due to concerns about the impacts that it will have on the look of the home. More specifically, individuals may be worried about the solar panels ruining the aesthetics of their home's exterior. Luckily, solar shingles can be a far more discrete solution that will still allow you to generate large amounts of solar energy for the home. Modern solar shingles are designed to resemble traditional asphalt shingles as closely as possible. As a result, these shingles can blend into the rest of the roof so that they will be difficult for individuals to notice when they are looking at the home.

Solar Shingles May Put Less Strain On The Roof

One of the challenges of adding solar systems to a roof is the fact that these systems can be fairly heavy. This will have the result of causing additional strain on the rest of the roof. Unfortunately, this strain can cause damage to the roof if it is not reinforced. Solar shingles will generally be much lighter weight than traditional panel systems. As a result, it will likely be possible to install a larger number of these shingles before a potentially problematic amount of weight is added to the roof. In cases where the roof does need to be reinforced for these shingles, the work that will be required will be less intensive, which can help to keep the costs and disruptions that will be involved with it to a minimum.

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