Residential Roofing Installation And Solar Panels

If you are talking with a solar company about getting solar panels to power your home, you should also contact a roofing contractor to come and inspect your roof. While your roof may seem to be in fair or good condition now, things will change over time and the roofing specialist can look things over and give you an estimate of how long it is going to last. In addition, they can let you know if your roof will be able to hold the added weight of the solar panels. Here are some things to consider before having the solar panels installed.

Age of the Roof

While different roof types have different life expectancies, you do not want to wait until the last moment to have your home re-roofed. Generally, there will be damage at that point that has caused other problems in the house like leaks that cause damage to the roof frame or even to the walls in the house. If your roof is older, and the roofer says it will need to be replaced within the next 10 years, you should have it done before adding solar panels. Once the panels are installed, taking them out to redo the roof is a big hassle and will cost you more money. Roofers do not remove and replace solar panels so you will need to have a solar company do it.

Roof Decking

If you had some leaks or other damage to the roof that has been fixed but the decking/frame was not repaired, you should have this done before the solar is installed. While the damage may not have been severe, the added weight of the panels could result in more damage. The roof may not be strong enough to hold the panels and there could be a collapse. Instead of having a complete residential roof installation, you can have the damaged areas repaired.

The roofing and solar companies should work together to ensure your roof is going to be stable and last a long while before any work is done. They may suggest you go with a different type of roofing material and suggest work to the whole roof or they could just go with some repairs. The important thing is to have a roof that is not going to collapse or have leaks once the solar panels are installed. While it may cost extra to have the roofing work done, it will save money when you don't need to have more work done in just a few years.

Contact a residential roof installation service near you to learn more.