3 Eco-Friendly Roofing Options For Your Home

More and more homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and make their homes more environmentally friendly. If you are among these eco-conscious homeowners, you should know that your choice of roofing materials can make a big impact on the environment. Thankfully, the residential roofing market now offers more eco-friendly options than ever before. You can learn more about three of these eco-friendly options below.

Option #1: Solar Roofing 

Solar roofing is a great option for homeowners who are interested in doing everything they can to lessen their impact on the environment. This is because solar roofing makes use of many recycled materials such as recycled rubber in the construction of your base roofing surface. These base roofing materials are then covered with solar panels that allow you to harness the power of the sun to provide power to your home rather than relying on the local electric company to provide this power. Depending on how much power you can generate using your solar panels, you may even be able to sell any excess supply to the power company. This not only puts a few extra dollars into your bank account each month, but it also reduces the amount of electricity that the energy needs to create using less eco-friendly methods. 

Option #2: Rubber Roofing

If you aren't quite ready to take the leap to use solar power in your home, you can still reduce your carbon footprint by making use of eco-friendly roofing materials such as EPDM rubber roofing. While virgin rubber products are not typically placed in the category of being environmentally friendly, these roofing materials contain a high percentage of recycled rubber. This rubber comes from items such as old tires that would otherwise end up in your local landfill where they would take up space for many years to come. The best part is, rubber roofing materials can also be recycled for a second time once they have outlived their ability to effectively protect your home from the elements. 

Option #3: Metal Roofing

If you like the idea of choosing a roofing material that makes use of recycled materials but find that you still prefer the look of a shingled roof, metal roofing shingles may be the right choice for you. These roofing shingles provide a more traditional look than solar panels or rubber roofing. However, many metal roofing shingles are manufactured using a high percentage of recycled metal. These materials can also be recycled again in the future. However, with the long lifespan associated with metal roofing shingles, it may be several decades before you are faced with the task of recycling these eco-friendly roofing materials. 

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