Want To Pick A New Roof Material? Here Are Some Options

Before you invest in a roof installation project, you should know what you want. Ideally, every homeowner wants a roof that can withstand environmental elements, last long, and offer value for money. While the objectives may be the same, the roofing material you choose will determine the installation and service costs and how long the roofing will last. 

Each material has unique features and depending on the house location, size, and style, some material options may be more suitable than others. Here is a quick guide to the best materials for a new roof installation project.


Clay is an old roofing material that has survived the test of time and comes in the form of tiles. Many homeowners still prefer using clay tiles for roofing because they offer excellent insulation, regulating indoor temperatures. 

Moreover, they require minimal maintenance, are weather-resistant, and can last several decades. But all these pros make this material significantly costly. It's important to remember that clay tile roofs are heavy, so some houses may require additional framing to support that extra weight.


Consider asphalt shingles if you are looking for a material that's easy to install, affordable, and effective. These shingles are popular because they don't require specialized equipment and tools during installation. 

But asphalt shingles are more suitable for areas that get temperate climates. If you get extreme temperatures sometimes during the year, don't choose asphalt. Also, this material is light and can be easily damaged by high-speed winds or storms. Metal is another material that's known for offering a long lifespan. Whether you get a copper, aluminum, or steel roof, you are assured of durability and energy efficiency. Metal roofs improve curb appeal, and since they come in various finishes, you can choose any color that suits your home's aesthetics. 

Besides, metal is naturally sturdy and can withstand strong winds, snow, heavy rain, and extreme heat. They are also recyclable, which makes the material environmentally friendly and sustainable. However, metal roofs also have their downsides. They can be dented under impact, noisy, and sometimes expensive to install, especially copper.

Solar Tiles

If you'd like to harvest energy from the sun via your roof, you should consider a solar roof. This roof is made of solar shingles or tiles that fit perfectly, just like their other counterparts. The roof will offer the same protection and still harvest energy from sunlight. You can integrate solar tiles with an existing roof or install them independently. 

Solar shingles are fire and impact-resistant, offer UV protection and come in various shapes to give your home a unique appearance. But since this is a new invention, installation costs are high. But, you will lessen your energy costs for years, so the investment is worth it.

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