Common Causes Of Home Roof Leak Repairs

One of the reasons homeowners call roofing services is to address roof leaks. If a roof leak isn't fixed in time, it can lead to structural damage, among other issues. The following are reasons for home roof leaks. 


Your home's roof has a limited lifespan. One sign that you should re-roof is a leakage. As roofing materials deteriorate, they become less effective at preventing water from seeping into your home.

Some factors that contribute to a roof's wear and tear are weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. For example, when your roof is constantly exposed to direct sunlight, the tar that binds together the shingles melts. This results in leakages.

Pipe Boot Failure

Another reason your roof will leak is if the boot around a pipe fails. A boot is roof flashing situated at the base of the pipes on your roof. This flashing waterproofs the pipes. Some types of pipe boots used by roofers include plastic, lead, and copper. The function of a pipe boot is to prevent water from penetrating your home. When a pipe boot fails, water flows through the pipe, passes your roof, and gets into your home. 

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles also cause roof leaks. This is the easiest way to find the source of a roof leak. Shingles protect the roof from inclement weather. However, sometimes strong winds and storms can rip shingles away from your roof. This leaves exposed areas that allow water to seep into your home. 

Furthermore, falling debris and hail can penetrate your roof during stormy weather and cause extensive damage. To avoid leaks caused by missing shingles, ensure you inspect your roof after storms or strong winds. This will help you identify missing shingles and fix the problem immediately.

Neglecting Roof Maintenance

Many homeowners tend to skip roof maintenance because they haven't experienced any roof problems. However, failing to inspect and maintain your roof can result in leaks. Caulking and pitch pans tend to dry out and crack. As a result, water starts to seep into your home. To prevent leaks, you should schedule regular inspections and reseal your roof. This will prevent minor issues from causing costly repairs such as re-roofing or structural modifications.

In Closing

If you notice any home roof leaks, consult a roofing service immediately. Avoid DIY roof leak repairs, as you may make the problem worse. You can get professional referrals from your relatives or friends. The internet is also a reliable source where you can compare the services and rates of different roofing experts.

Contact a local roofing company to learn more.