How A Metal Roof Can Save You Money

Is metal roofing expensive? A lot of potential roof customers ask this question. If you were to look at the top-line prices of metal roofs in comparison to shingle or shake roofs, it would be easy to conclude that metal roofs are, in fact, expensive. They do, indeed, cost more to install up-front. However, if you take a longer-term perspective, the opposite may actually be true. Metal roofs, although they are more expensive to install, can save you money over the years. Here's how. 

Metal roofs last longer.

Shingle roofs last about 30 years, at most. Some lower-end asphalt shingles do not even last this long. Metal roofs, on the other hand, can last up to 70 years. One way to look at this is to say you basically get two shingle roofs for the price of one metal roof. This certainly makes metal roofing look more affordable.

Metal roofs don't require herbicides or pesticides.

Insects like termites and carpenter ants sometimes are attracted to shingle roofs, especially if you choose wood shingles. Moss also loves to grow on shingle roofs—even asphalt shingle roofs. Over the years, homeowners can spend quite a lot of money on herbicides and pesticide sprays to keep their shingle roofs pest and moss-free. If you have a metal roof, though, you will not have to do this. The savings can be substantial if you would have been hiring a professional roofer to come spray the roof every year.

Metal roofs help you save on energy.

Metal is reflective. If you live in a sunny area, this can be a real money-saving advantage. The sunshine and heat will bounce off a metal roof more than a shingle roof. So, your home will stay cooler in the summer, and your AC bills will be lower. Over the years, the energy savings can really add up. You may not have to purchase as much insulation with a metal roof, either, thanks to this reflectivity.

Metal roofs are less likely to suffer storm damage.

Shingle roofs are known for being easily damaged by hail storms and high winds. Metal roofs are more durable under these conditions. You'll have fewer repairs over the years with a metal roof, and each repair you don't have to make is more money in your pocket.

Metal roofs may cost more up-front, but that's only a piece of the story. In the long term, this is one of the most affordable roof materials.

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