When You Need A Roof Replacement: Clear Signs Your Roof Is Failing To Protect Your Home

You can go for many years without needing a roof replacement. The longevity of your roof will depend on what the roof is made of, what kind of weather it is exposed to, and how well you maintain the roof over time. If you are concerned about the structural integrity of your roof, it's time to have a professional come and inspect it to see what is going on. You might have issues with tiles that are no longer protecting your property, damage caused by the weather, or issues with your roofing material shrinking. If you need to have your roof replaced, get the work done soon in order to prevent damage to the supporting structure beneath your roof.

When You Have Consistent Leaks

One leak can be repaired to see if that takes care of your roof problem. Your roof replacement specialist may tell you at the time of the repair that the rest of your roof will be prone to leaking. If you have had a number of leaks repaired recently, it's time to consider a roof replacement. As your roof continues to leak, you are going to have water damage in your home that will be expensive to take care of.

If Your Shingles are Damaged

Damaged shingles can occur over time, as your shingles wear out. You might have damaged shingles from a big storm, which can indicate that you only need to replace part of your roof. Once you have a problem with shingles throughout your roof, a replacement is needed to protect your property. Faded shingles are not damaged, but if your shingles become loose or start to curl, this means your shingles are not able to protect your home adequately.

When the Problem is Systemic

You might have one area of your roof that has a problem because of damage, such as if a tree branch falls on the roof. If you find leaks or damage throughout your roof, this is a clear sign the entire roof needs to be replaced. Leaks throughout the length of your roof mean that the whole thing is no longer functioning properly.

It is cost-effective to deal with a roof replacement instead of allowing a leaking roof to destroy your home. Water getting into your eaves will damage the wood, and creates a breeding ground for mold or mildew. If you need a roof replacement, contact a roofing company in your area such as Thomas Roofing & Supply Inc to keep your home protected.