Roof Repair Services: 4 Solutions Your Roofer Can Offer To Fix Broken Roof Rafters

Whether your broken roof rafter is caused by age, weather, or other issues, it can be an expensive and time-consuming repair. It can limit the function of your roof and cause more problems in the future. That's why finding a reputable roofer with various solutions is important. The professionals will accurately diagnose the problem to determine the cause of the problem and customize a solution that adds stability to your roofing system. Here are four roof repair services your roofer can provide to fix broken roof rafters.


If your roof rafter has weakened over time, a professional can reinforce it with additional support beams. They can assess the existing rafter structure and decide on a suitable reinforcement method for your roof's needs. The professional can also use fasteners and bolts to secure the beams and provide additional stability. It is important to inspect the rafters after fastening to ensure the reinforcement is successful.


When your rafter is severely damaged, it is ideal to replace the entire system instead of attempting a structural repair. Depending on your budget, you can choose wood, metal, aluminum, or other materials for your new rafter. Your roofer can also advise you on a suitable material that matches your current roof structure while providing the necessary support and stability to the frame.

Installing Support Posts

In cases where the rafter has been severely damaged due to water damage or other external factors, your roofer can install support posts to bolster your rafter structure. The posts can be connected alongside the main rafters to provide extra support and stability. It is important to ensure the posts are correctly installed for the ideal results and to avoid further damage.


Your roofer may suggest re-sheathing your rafters with thicker plywood to provide more strength and support. The process is an effective way to quickly repair damage while adding more strength and stability to your roof. The professionals can use nails or screws to attach the sheathing and ensure it is correctly sealed to prevent water damage or other issues.

From reinforcement and replacement to installing support posts and re-sheathing, your roofer can use several roof repair services to fix the issue. By understanding the full scope of the damage, they can devise the ideal plan to protect your roof and provide the long-term stability it needs. For more information on roof repair, contact a professional near you.