5 Reasons To Choose Aluminum Shingles For Your Roof

When it comes to metal roofing, there are more choices than just metal panels. Consider aluminum shingles if you want the benefits of metal but the look of more traditional roofing.

1. Traditional Appearance

One of the only drawbacks of metal roofing is that the panel style doesn't look great on every home. If you prefer the traditional look of shingle-style roofing but wish you had a metal roof, aluminum tiles provide the perfect alternative. The aluminum shingles are designed to interlock together, so they create a watertight membrane just like metal panels while still giving the look of a shingle roof.

2. Style Options

Much like the popular asphalt shingles, aluminum shingles are also available in a huge range of colors so there is sure to be one that looks great on your home. Furthermore, there are varying shingle styles also available. You can choose rectangular shingles that closely mimic asphalt shingles in appearance, or you can opt for more decorative shapes such as scalloped shingles or shingles textured to resemble cedar shake. 

3. Lightweight Material

When it comes to weight, aluminum is about as light as you can get for roofing. This makes it an excellent option for large roofs where weight can be a major safety concern. Lighter-weight roofing materials are also a wise choice in areas where there is heavy snowfall, as too much snow weight can lead to roof collapses. Furthermore, if you plan to install things on your roof, like solar panels, the lighter-weight shingles make up for some of the additional weight added by the solar panels.

4. Energy Efficiency

Few modern roofing options are as energy efficient as metal. There are options for insulated shingles, which prevent heat loss from inside the home in winter and protect against heat incursion in summer. Aluminum shingles, particularly lighter-colored ones, also reflect sunlight and heat away from the home instead of absorbing it and creating a heat sink effect. 

5. Extreme Durability

If you're still undecided, then consider the durability of aluminum shingles. They can last decades and are often the last roof you will ever need to install on your home. The shingles withstand storm damage, as they can't be as easily punctured or torn off by the wind, both common issues with traditional asphalt shingle roofs. Aluminum shingles are also fire resistant, a much-needed quality in areas with lots of trees or regions prone to wildfires.

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