Restoring Blistered And Bubbling Commercial Roofs

A blistered or bubbling roof can be a nightmare for commercial property owners. It not only affects the aesthetic appeal of the building but also compromises its structural integrity.

What Causes Blistered And Bubbling Commercial Roofing?

Roof blisters occur when moisture gets trapped between layers of roofing materials. This moisture gradually expands due to heat exposure, leading to raised areas or blisters on the surface. Unlike blisters that form between layers, roof bubbles occur when air becomes trapped within a single layer of roofing material.

While these damages may seem minor, they can profoundly weaken the structural integrity of your roof. Unfortunately, you may not give your business's roof much attention, and this could give these spots time to worsen.

Are Blistered And Bubbling Roofs Repairable?

Repairing a blistered roof depends on the extent of damage and underlying causes. For this reason, a comprehensive assessment of the roof is needed. One of these assessments will allow the contractor to evaluate the overall damage to the roofs. This can make it easier for the homeowner to decide on their options for repairing and restoring the roof.

When it comes to bubble-prone roofs, repair techniques may differ. Replacing the impacted shingles is likely the most effective solution for asphalt roofs. For rubber roofing, it may be necessary to cut out the blistered section so it can be replaced.

Are Certain Types Of Commercial Roofs Systems More Prone To Blistering Or Bubbling?

Not all commercial roofing systems are equal when it comes to vulnerability to blistering or bubbling. Understanding the unique risks that your business's roof faces can help you monitor the roof for signs of this damage occurring to it. It is also useful to know when deciding to replace the current roof.

Unfortunately, it is a common mistake for businesses to consider this factor effectively when choosing a new roofing material. For example, a business located in an area with extreme heat will need roofing materials that can withstand this exposure without developing cracks or other openings that could let water seep into them.

How Does Maintenance Impact The Prevention Of Blistered And Bubbling Commercial Roofs?

Regular inspections identify potential blistering or bubbling issues before they escalate. Ideally, a professional should complete these inspections every couple of years. This provides ample warning for developing issues to be found and repaired. Furthermore, cleaning the roof before inspection makes any imperfections or damage easier to find.

Developing a comprehensive maintenance plan is paramount in preserving the integrity of commercial roofs. Creating a schedule makes it easier to ensure that all of the work your commercial roof needs is done according to the recommended schedule.

For more info about commercial roofing repair, contact a local company.