Tips For Scheduling Your Roof Replacement

Scheduling your roof replacement sounds like it should be a really simple task. You call one of the companies you got a quote from and say that you want to schedule a roof replacement. On one hand, it kind of is this simple. On the other hand, though, putting a little more thought into how and when you schedule your roof replacement can reduce your chances of issues and struggles later on. Here are some tips you can follow when scheduling your roof replacement.

Pick a rain date

Roofers can work through a little rain, but too much makes the roof slick and also makes it hard for them to keep the underlying structures of your roof dry. So, if your scheduled date arrives and it's storming out, your roofer will probably want to reschedule. This will be easier if you pick a rain date up-front when they can come back in the event that it's raining on your original day. Some roofing companies do this automatically, but if it is not suggested when you call to schedule your re-roofing, ask about it. This way, you can make sure you are prepared to take the rain date off from work, if needed, or prep your home in whatever way is needed.

Talk to neighbors first

Before you schedule a roof replacement, reach out to neighbors and see if any of them have been thinking about having their roof replaced. If they do need a roof replacement, the roofing company may appreciate scheduling your replacements back-to-back. They may be able to use one dumpster for both homes, deliver all of your shingles on the same day, and make other efficient moves that save them time. This may mean you both get your homes replaced faster, and the roofing company may also pass some savings on to you.

Ask what you'll need to do to prepare

Before you and your roofing company pick an actual date for the roof replacement, ask your roofer what you'll need to do to prepare. They may say you should protect certain bushes, move things out of your attic, and so forth. Knowing what you need to do in preparation allows you to choose a day when you'll have the time to prepare properly.

Scheduling a roof replacement is not hard, but there are some tips to follow. Most roof companies will be happy to work around your schedule but keep in mind that the earlier you schedule your roof work, the more flexibility they'll be able to have.