Can You Tile A Roof In A Cold Climate?

Drive down a street in a hot, coastal town, and you'll see a lot of tile roofs. Drive down a street in a colder climate, and you will mostly see shingles and some shakes. Does that mean you can't use concrete tile roofing in a colder climate? Not at all! While concrete tile has long been a go-to option in hot climates, it's a great fit for almost every climate. Here are some reasons to consider concrete tile for your home in a chilly place.

Concrete tile won't get pried off your roof surface by ice.

Water expands when it freezes. This is a problem for a lot of roof materials such as shingles and shakes. A little water seeps under the edge, freezes, and then pushes the shingle further away from the roof's surface. This allows more water to seep under the shingle – and the process repeats itself. This problem does not happen with concrete tiles. They are heavy enough that freezing water can't pry them off the roof's surface. As such, your roof will suffer less damage and need fewer repairs over the years.

Concrete tile provides a good layer of insulation.

In a cold area, your roof needs to be well insulated in order to keep your attic and the top floor of your home at a tolerable temperature. Concrete tile is thick and a good insulator in and of itself. This means your roofer won't need to use as much extra insulation in the attic when you choose a tile roof. As such, you can save on insulation materials. This high level of insulation will help protect your roof deck and other materials from weather damage, too. 

Concrete tile does not rot.

When snow and ice sit on your roof for long periods, the roof remains moist. This can cause the roof to start rotting and deteriorating – but not if you have concrete tile. Concrete can stand up to this constant moisture exposure. It may grow a little algae in the spring, but algae is easy to remove. You won't have to worry about moss, insect infestations, and other problems that happen to shingle and shake roofs that are exposed to lots of snow and wetness.

If you live in a cold area, concrete tile is a good roof material to consider. It's been a go-to in hot areas for years, and people like you can make it a go-to in other climates, too.

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