Three Kinds Of Shingle Damage And How To Manage Them

When people think of roof damage, they often picture a roof with missing shingles. However, shingles can sometimes remain in place even though they have suffered damage. When shingles become damaged, it is important to have them replaced or repaired. It is also important to determine what conditions led to the shingle damage so you can change those conditions and prevent future damage. Of course, your approach will depend on the sort of shingle damage you're facing. Read More 

5 Reasons To Choose Aluminum Shingles For Your Roof

When it comes to metal roofing, there are more choices than just metal panels. Consider aluminum shingles if you want the benefits of metal but the look of more traditional roofing. 1. Traditional Appearance One of the only drawbacks of metal roofing is that the panel style doesn't look great on every home. If you prefer the traditional look of shingle-style roofing but wish you had a metal roof, aluminum tiles provide the perfect alternative. Read More 

A Quick Overview Of The Home Siding Installation Process

If your home's siding looks old and won out, it's time to give your home a fresh new look. If your siding is many years old, there may be new options for you to consider for new siding. The first step is to have a siding contractor come to your home to give you an estimate for the work. They can help you compare different types of siding and their costs. Read More 

Important Reasons To Have Your New Roof Installed During The Warm Weather Months

Homeowners are often so busy with DIY home improvement projects during the warm weather months that they forget to schedule contractors for the work they cannot handle or will not have time to do themselves. A prime example is when the home needs a new roof but the need to get several DIY projects cause the homeowner to forget about calling a roofing contractor to get the roof re-shingled before cold weather arrives. Read More 

Ways Extreme Weather Conditions Damage Your Roof

Weather damage is one of the leading causes of roof damage for both residential and commercial properties. There are some basic damages most property owners expect to call their roofing contractors over. For example, you may expect a heavy storm to loosen shingles or take off part of your gutter system. Some of these damages can lead to roof replacement and residential roof installation. Here are some of the ways extreme weather conditions damage your roof. Read More