Time For A New Foam Roof? How To Ensure A Problem-Free Installation

The weather has finally warmed up. There's no better time to tackle your commercial roofing maintenance. Tackling the maintenance right now gives you plenty of time to take care of any repairs your roof might need. If you find that your roof needs to be replaced, summer maintenance ensures your roof can be replaced before winter weather arrives. If you've decided to have a new foam roof installed on your commercial building, here are four tips that will help you avoid problems with the installation. Read More 

Commercial Roofing Tips Small Businesses Can Utilize

Building maintenance can be an important aspect for any large commercial building. Failing to properly maintain the structure can lead to liabilities due to accidents or other hazards for the business. Unfortunately, the roof can be one of the portions of the building that will be the most likely to be overlooked during routine maintenance operations. Reduce Downtime By Proactively Maintaining Your Business's Roofing Effectively maintaining the roof of your commercial building can dramatically reduce the disruptions that the business will experience as a result of major roof repairs or replacements. Read More 

Five Reasons To Clean Your Chimney

Chimney cleaning is a necessary home maintenance task if you use a fireplace in your home. A clean chimney is a safe chimney for both your home and for your health. 1. Prevent Chimney Fires The primary reason to keep your chimney maintained is that a chimney fire could destroy your home. Creosote is a byproduct of wood burning. It will coat your chimney in an oily soot that can easily ignite if it isn't periodically removed. Read More 

Birds Bring Fun And Beauty To Your Backyard, But Some Birds Can Damage Your Home’s Roof

You may love having birds in your yard, and you might even leave out food to attract them. While birds are fun to watch, some birds can become pests and cause harm to your property. Birds can even cause damage to your roof. Here's how birds can hurt your roof and some roof repairs you might need to have done. Bird Droppings Can Damage Asphalt Shingles Bird droppings are acidic. The droppings can weaken asphalt shingles over time and increase the risk of a roof leak. Read More 

The Home Roof Inspection Guide to Locate Damage and Repair It

The age of your roof will begin to show as it wears. Sometimes, the wear can be damage that needs to be repaired. Therefore, it is important to inspect your roof annually and after storms.  The problems that you will want to look for include storm damage, granules wearing off, and other issues. Thorough roof inspections will help you identify these problems to have them repaired quickly. The following roof repair guide will help you with a roof inspection and getting the damage repaired: Read More