The Homeowner’s Guide To Roof Coatings For Long-Lasting Roofing And Fewer Repairs

If you want to maximize the life of your roof, good maintenance routines and repairs may not be enough. Today, there are options like roof coating that can help extend the life of asphalt shingles and other materials. Thus, you probably want to know more about using coatings to protect your home's roof. The following guide to roof coatings will tell you everything you need to know to get more life out of shingles: Read More 

Roof Installation Guide For Replacing Asphalt Shingles With New Metal Tile Roofing

If you are ready to replace your asphalt shingles, metal tiles can be a great option to consider for your home. When you are doing a new roof installation with metal tiles, it will be different from the removed shingles. There are things you want to know about the installation of metal roofing tiles and the work that needs to be done. The following information will prepare you to replace your asphalt shingles with new metal tile roofing: Read More 

Three Roof Installation Types

The phrase "new roof installation" doesn't just encompass a single thing. There are three things that may be meant, so it's important to know the most common roof replacement methods. Re-Roofing The least time-consuming and most cost-effective option for a new roof installation is re-roofing. The old shingles are left on the roof, and new shingles are simply installed over the top. Since there is no teardown or old shingle disposal, the new roof takes half the time to install and there are fewer labor and dump costs, as well. Read More 

Things You Can Do For A Roof Leak Before A Commercial Roof Contractor Comes Out

Your commercial roof may leak at some point. This is a frightening thing to experience for the first time, but commercial roof contractors can fix these leaks effectively. You'll just want to do these things before this professional comes out with repair materials and tools. Put a Bucket Near Leak If the roof leak is very severe and your commercial property actually has water coming in during a rainstorm, then you'll want to do something about this water rather than just letting it get all over your floors and cause water damage. Read More 

Roof Maintenance And Care Recommendations For Your Home

Your home roof is an important structural system to your property, and when it begins to be affected by weather, algae, and ice formation, you can experience a large amount of damage and expenses related to fixing your roof and any interior damage that occurs. Here are some recommendations to help you take great care of your roof so it can last for many years. Clean Your Roof There are several different types of debris that can come into contact with your roof and potentially cause damage. Read More