Residential Roofing And The Underlayment Upgrades To Improve Efficiency And Durability

Residential roofing is available in asphalt shingles, metal, and wood materials to protect your home from rain and weather. When you get ready to install roofing on your home, the first step is to install the underlayments. These are the materials that provide strength for the roof and protect against moisture. Today, there are a lot of solutions to upgrade the underlayments before you have a new roof installed. The following roof underlayment upgrades are some of the solutions you should consider for your residential roofing project: Read More 

Guide to Roof Repair for Peeling Shingles

Have you noticed peeling shingles along the edge of your roof? This is actually a common problem, especially in the springtime after snow and ice have been allowed to build up on the roof's edge and soak down under the shingles. The fact that it's common, however, does not mean it should be ignored. You should call a roofing company about this problem because, as it turns out, there is a lot they can and should do about it. Read More 

3 Hazards Of A Leaky Roof In Need Of Repairs

If you're lucky, your roof may reach the end of its life without the need for repairs. However, roof leaks are common, so there's a good chance you'll have to deal with a leaky roof and roof repairs at some point. You may be tempted to put off repairing a roof leak if the leak isn't very bad, but that's not a good idea. Here are three serious dangers associated with roof leaks and why you should call a roofer to make repairs promptly. Read More 

Steps To Take When Your Roof Sustains Extensive Damage Due To A Severe Storm

You can do your best to keep your roof properly maintained, but even a roof that is in good condition can suffer from damage when a severe thunderstorm rolls through an area. High winds, flying debris, and hail can all cause a lot of damage to a roof, and in cases of extreme damage, repairs will need to be made promptly to protect the interior of the house. If you have never dealt with roof damage due to severe weather, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Read More 

What To Know About Residential Roofs

A roof is important and should be taken good care of in order to prevent problems from developing. A problem that is commonly dreaded after neglecting the roof is for rainwater to come inside a home and create many other problems. Some homeowners are guilty of neglecting their roofs due to the fear of climbing on it to inspect for problems, but such a problem can easily be resolved by hiring a roofer. Read More