What Your Roofer Wishes You Knew About Your Roof

Roofers generally work in anonymity. They only show up when there's a repair or replacement that needs to take place (which, hopefully, isn't very often), they work outside, away from your line of sight so you can't even see them. Yet, there are a few things they want you to know about your roof — points gleaned from years of experience in their field. 1. Roofing Maintenance is Important Your roof protects your entire home, and roofers have seen first-hand the impact that even a little bit of neglect in this area can cause on a house. Read More 

Installing A New Roof For Your Home

The roof is easily the part of the home that will be the most exposed to wear and tear as well as suffering other more sudden types of damage. This can make it essential for the roof to be replaced once it has started to reach the end of its usable lifespan. Move Your Cars Away From The Home When you are having a new roof installed, you will want to move your vehicles away from the property. Read More 

4 Tips For Keeping Your Roof Dry To Prevent Water Damage

Excess moisture is a danger to your entire house, and it can harm your roof. Repairing leaks and damaged shingles promptly is important so the deck of your roof doesn't get damp and start to rot. There are other things you can do to protect roofing from moisture damage too. Here are four tips for keeping your roof dry. 1. Maintain The Gutters Gutters collect rain and route it away from your roof and your home. Read More 

Shingle Options For Your New Roof

When it comes to a new roof replacement, you have options. Although many homes have asphalt shingles, there are other materials available that may be a better fit for your home. The following guide can help you better understand the shingle choices that are available for your new roof. Asphalt Asphalt is so common because it is cost-effective and reliable. These shingles can last two or three decades in ideal conditions, requiring only minor repairs. Read More 

Roofing Materials To Reduce Water Pooling

As a commercial business, you already know that a leaking or damaged roof can cause issues for you and your customers. If you have had to request commercial roofing repairs several times in the last few years, then it may be an issue with the roofing materials themselves. Some materials are better than others when it comes to reducing the chances of water damage and water pooling that can lead to leaks and wood rot. Read More